I write. A lot of things.

My strategic eye, quick wit, and depth of vision have been utilized by dozens of companies with employee ranges of 1-100,000.

I tackle: 

Labels like "human-centered writer" (which essentially means I put design thinking processes to work on the written word), and "brand strategy-first copywriter" apply to me pretty well. But really, I'm a storyteller. Have been since I was little. I wrote emotionally fraught poems in high school. In college, I mastered dialogue, voice and efficiency of language while writing plays for the stage. I loved writing food and hospitality editorials while working towards my Master’s Degree. I burst into advertising and marketing (approximately 15 years after my dad suggested it as a career path) writing brand-elevating ad campaigns for Dell, Inc.

I discover unique stories and write ads, blogs and websites that communicate the story as a meaningful benefit to the target audience.

I've written dozens of brand voice guidelines, over 100,000 words of published blogs and made a peaceful night's sleep possible for countless project managers.