My elevator pitch.

I've acquired different techniques over time: from writing plays in college, to food and hospitality editorials while working towards my Master’s, and cutting my professional teeth on brand-elevating ad campaigns for Dell, Inc.

My life right now is equal parts #momlife, Army wife, and writer.

Luckily, I'm a born multi-tasker and hate sitting still.

I landed in this freelance life by a long and winding road. But it turns out, it's perfect. These days, I enjoy being an Austin-based freelance copywriter working primarily with small businesses and start-ups to develop their unique voice.

My strategic eye, quick wit, and depth of vision have been utilized by dozens of companies with employee ranges of 1-100,000.

I tackle: 

I've written: 

  • hundreds of webpages

  • dozens of brand voice guidelines

  • over 80,000 words of published blogs

and made a peaceful night's sleep possible for countless project managers.