Some Thoughts on Voice and Strategy


Defining and developing a brand's personality and tone of voice is the whip cream of my work. Not everyone needs it, it may feel a little gratuitous when you first order it, but you never regret having it. Read more about my thoughts on this topic!

I cut my teeth developing and rallying thousands of global marketers behind one unified brand voice at Dell. I've developed my own in-depth brand voice and personality questionnaire that help me get the depth of understanding necessary to create a guiding document for everyone writing on behalf of a brand. A guide like this ensures consistency and builds trust between a brand and the target audience.

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This is a bold stance to take in my line of work, but I'm going to call "content strategy" a buzzword. Lots of people are talking about it, but it seems like everyone has their own definition for it.

For me, it’s about thinking through the way a real person will (or maybe won’t) engage with all the parts of a brand. It means using metrics and data and insights to craft a message that resonates better with those real people. It means considering what’s going to be useful at every touchpoint: an e-comm shipping notification all the way through the experience of opening the box. Then, it’s about writing in a brand’s authentic voice to meet needs, surprise and delight.

If you’re looking for a strategist who can conduct truly robust research and development of audience personas, design and building marketing funnels, and manage metrics, but not really create any verbiage, I can refer you to some great people!


The best projects are ones that have prioritized collaboration. My copy works best when laid out by an experienced designer, and supported by smart marketers. I'm happy to integrate SEO terms, that are made more impactful when an SEO specialist works their magic on the back-end.

From creative concept through execution, the agencies of yore who first relied on a creative team were not for nothing. I value my designer and marketer friends and colleagues and we happily refer one another for projects of all kinds!