Voice and Strategy

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Defining and developing a brand's personality and tone of voice is the whip cream of my work. Not everyone needs it, it may feel a little gratuitous when you first order it, but you never regret having it.

I cut my teeth developing and rallying thousands of global marketers behind one unified brand voice at Dell. I've brought this insight to Verb, and other small businesses not yet appearing on these pages. I look forward to bringing more clear voices to market in the future.

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Let's call it what it is. "Content strategy" is a buzzword. Lots of people are talking about it. Not many really know what it means, or whether or why they might need someone who does it.  The way I define content strategy is a strategic, holistic view of a brand's communication goals, and the ways and means of accomplishing these goals. For some, it may simply be getting a clear, concise website up and running, and supporting it with a business Facebook page. For others, it includes a truly robust editorial calendar of newsletters, blogs, social media postings, press releases, videos, etc. I have experience running the former, and supporting the latter.


The best projects are ones that have prioritized collaboration. Similar to supporting marketing directors on executing an effective editorial calendar as part of a content strategy, my web copy works best when laid out by an experienced designer, and supported by smart marketers. I'm happy to integrate SEO terms, that are made more impactful when an SEO specialist works their magic on the back-end.

From creative concept through execution, the agencies of yore who first relied on a creative team were not for nothing. I value my designer and marketer friends and colleagues and we happily refer one another for projects of all kinds!