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It’ll be fun!

I work with two primary groups:

1. Small businesses. Entrepreneurs, start-ups or small business owners bring me on for a variety of reasons. Maybe they recognize their website isn't communicating what they want it to, or they need someone to keep their blogs and newsletters fresh. I help with content strategy, consistent voice and messaging, and collaborate with designers on websites, ad campaigns, product copy, social media, and more.

2. Creative shops. Agencies both here in central Texas and around the country hire me to supplement their roster of full-time creatives. Sometimes I’m brought in to complete one specific project. Other teams need a freelancer for a length of time on a retainer basis.

I'm especially interested in writing for CPG brands, restaurants, brands that prioritize green initiatives, products/services related to progressive education or parenting, and/or targeting LGBTQ+ audiences.

Things to know about my work:

I play the long game. Building a consistent brand voice doesn’t happen overnight. And it doesn’t instantly impact your bottom line. But it’s worth it in the long run. I ask a lot of questions. I’ll even send you a brand personality questionnaire to help us both define what sets you apart, who your audience is, and how you have something unique to offer them that they’re going to love. We’ll work together to find answers.

Wondering what's right for you? Drop me a line. We'll find our groove.

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