Happy Clients and Collaborators

Meg Haley is one of my favorite collaborators in recent years. She is a crackerjack at distilling complex and nuanced information to fit the needs of the audience. She’s also quite adept at digging deep into the content matter to find the absolute best story angle. During our time together at Nano, she played a key part in helping us create a content marketing function, and was always ready with new and actionable ideas. Her turn around time is killer, too! Meg is aces at time management. She hustles for deadlines and openly communicates shifts in schedules. She’s a great asset to any marketing team!
— Meghan : Content Strategist & PR Guru
After looking at 20+ writers I decided on Meg. I could not have made a better decision! Meg is organized, creative, takes good initiative, has a plan that helps you find your special key words, does her research. Her writing is fantastic, clear and most importantly she took my ideas and writing scraps and turned them into succinct, informative and intriguing pieces. I cannot thank her enough.
— Kristina : Small business owner
I had the opportunity to work with Meg on two separate instances and, needless to say, I’m a huge fan. Meg is truly a talented writer that can work across many different vehicles, topics and styles to bring stories to life. Additionally, she has an extremely kind spirit that makes her an amazing person to work alongside. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented writer that can concept and produce great work.
— Tommy : Creative director
Meg is an extremely talented writer. She has worked with PSM on many different clients and has done a fabulous job for each one! Meg has the ability to use words to truly communicate the uniqueness of our different clients, and to modify the tone based on the type of communication. I highly recommend Meg as a copywriter!
— Terrie : Marketing Agency Founder
Meg has surpassed my expectations in helping me build my brand voice. I am already recommending her to others.
— Danielle : Small Business Owner
I had the pleasure of interviewing and placing Meg at a Fortune 100 technology company. When my client, the creative director of the global internal creative agency needed a special copywriter to join his team I knew the talent would have to be a perfect fit. And voila, in comes Meg. She’s professional. She’s good at what she does, and she was spot on and punctual with every interview task I set before her. My client even used the “L” word after his first interview with her (shocking the whole company)! Meg is basically the dream creative professional that every hiring manager is looking for: both sides of her brain fire equally well.
— Allison : Creative Recruiter
Meg created our brand voice guide with a short suspense and the document is precisely tailored for our brand. I love it!
— Angel : Small Business Owner