Hi, there! I'm Meg.


I'm a copywriter and brand strategist. But really, I'm a storyteller.



I can humanize your brand's personality and tell the story that is uniquely yours. Need a smart, reliable copywriter who will over-deliver? You've found her.

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My elevator pitch.

I've acquired different techniques over time: from writing plays in college, to food and hospitality editorials while working towards my Master’s, and cutting my professional teeth on brand-elevating ad campaigns for Dell, Inc. These days, I enjoy being an Austin-based freelance copywriter, engaging with a variety of industries, helping brands develop a unique voice.

My strategic eye, quick wit, and depth of vision have been utilized by dozens of companies with employee ranges of 1-101,000. I tackle print ads, video scripts and storyboards, marketing emails and even full-scale campaigns. I've written over 30,000 words of published blogs, brought clarity to the websites of startups, small businesses, lawyers, tech companies, and made a peaceful night's sleep possible for countless project managers.





Modern Merfolk

Full of passion and serious about helping others, this vegan blogger needed a defined brand voice and some help up-leveling her message across the site.




Verb connects scientists and change-makers, entrepreneurs and sponsors, ideas and solutions.
I support the work they do with content strategy, a consistent brand voice, web copy and blog posts.

Innovation Challenge at Dell Children's Medical Center

This internal innovation challenge sought new ideas from doctors, nurses and hospital staff to improve the work environment, and the experience of the patients and their families.

I developed web copy, internal staff communications and a variety of printed campaign materials from concept to execution.


Inclusion Plus

This financial inclusion competition is now running in countries all over the world.

I helped develop the messaging, campaign materials, and website for the initial launch in Ireland, as well as keep up with regular blog postings globally.

George Barley Water Prize

This multi-year, $10 million prize challenges scientists to find a sustainable, scale-able and marketable way to remove excess phosphorus from freshwater bodies worldwide.

I'm supporting this huge undertaking with web copy, regular blog postings and participant newsletters.

Adventure Assist

The team behind this funky, functional travel journal needed their burgeoning brand's personality to come across stronger through a more consistent voice, and an eye on the usability of the pages.



This is a brief collection of the work I did as the Brand Voice Lead and Senior Copywriter for Dell Blue, the Global Brand Creative group at Dell's international HQ in Round Rock, Texas.

In my tenure at Dell I collaborated with an unmatched team of art directors, designers and project managers on brand campaigns, internal education series, employee engagement events, green initiatives and more.

Global Human Resources Campaign

I was charged with breathing new life into the global HR's messaging. The concept "Bring Everything" was well-received and proved to have great breadth and depth; it was utilized for more than three years. My team created a guidelines document to keep the global executions of the campaign consistent, including the flexible design system, storytelling structure and multi-purpose copy bank.



Corporate Sponsorship: The Commonwealth Games

Paired with an excellent design colleague, we worked closely with counterparts in the UK to create a design and copy system for Dell's sponsorship of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. From concept through execution of everything from print ads to airport takeovers to social media plans and posts, we told the story of the myriad ways the technology behind the Games supported athletes and infrastructure alike.

Brand Campaign: Austin Bergstrom Airport Takeover

Competing with guitars and live music in an airport with an enterprise-level IT brand message was no easy feat. The team's goal with the Better Way campaign was to connect Dell's solutions with the company's hometown, while telling a story with quantifiable proof-points as the hero.

Business & Technical

I'm a pretty quick study, and have a hard time taking off my content strategy hat. As it turns out, these are two qualities that are highly sought after by those in technical industries.

I enjoy the challenge of injecting unique personalities into the websites of lawyers and medical financial decision-making software.


Sherr Law Group

The Sherr Law Group needed a new website that demonstrated their commitment to the Norristown, PA community.

I developed the content flow and wrote copy for the site that reflected the firm's unique brand voice and position.




Micklin Law Group

This family law attorney in New Jersey wanted to demonstrate his expertise in serving niche groups like the military and LGBTQ community.

My work researching and writing pages tailored to these potential clients, along with personal emails for Brad to send, and enticing webinar ad copy, is growing his business.


When EPSi needed to come out from under its parent company and make a big splash back into the industry of financial decision-making software for hospitals, they started with a brand new website.

I created the content map for the new site, worked with subject matter experts to craft the site's copy, wrote data sheets and customer emails.


I've written for a variety of publications, though my favorite pieces remain those that provided the opportunity for me to paint a picture with words, of an experience of a place, a meal...

The below samples are from L Style G Style Magazine, out of Austin, TX. You can read more of my work for them on my author's page.