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I help small businesses and passionate agencies learn how to speak to customers in a way that makes you feel like old friends. From blogs to webpages, social media blurbs to print ads, I'll help you tell the story that is uniquely yours.

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Nano Pure

When Nano Pure was re-branding and ready to take on everything we knew about hand sanitizers, I jumped aboard. I defined the brand's voice, made the nanotechnology behind the product easy to understand, and told stories about how Nano Pure could impact the lives of everyone from new parents to those with compromised immune systems.

Maggie Louise Confections

Austin's favorite chocolatier needed to transform basic product descriptions to vibrant stories that match their gorgeous visuals. I partnered with the growing team to develop more consistent and strategic messaging throughout the customer journey. We worked from the online experience through the story we tell with our packaging, for consumers, wholesale, and custom corporate accounts.

Happy Chicks

The challenge: Austin’s newest chicken place, run by one of the most successful restaurateurs in the city, needed a story. He needed something that would set Happy Chicks apart from the other fast casual chicken restaurants in the area.

So, the venerable Arts + Recreation asked for a little strategic copywriting help to support the logo, web design and in-store work they were doing for the restaurant.

My response: Three brand story concepts that would paint a picture for the target market, showing how Happy Chicks is the natural choice for a quick, quality meal. Ultimately, they chose “We’ve got what you’re craving”…

HappyChicksBrand Story


This is a brief collection of the work I did as the Brand Voice Lead and Senior Copywriter for Dell Blue, the Global Brand Creative group at Dell's international HQ in Round Rock, Texas.

In my tenure at Dell I collaborated with an unmatched team of art directors, designers and project managers on brand campaigns, internal education series, employee engagement events, green initiatives and more.

Global Human Resources Campaign

I was charged with breathing new life into the global HR's messaging. The concept "Bring Everything" was well-received and proved to have great breadth and depth; it was utilized for more than three years. My team created a guidelines document to keep the global executions of the campaign consistent, including the flexible design system, storytelling structure and multi-purpose copy bank.



Corporate Sponsorship: The Commonwealth Games

Paired with an excellent design colleague, we worked closely with counterparts in the UK to create a design and copy system for Dell's sponsorship of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. From concept through execution of everything from print ads to airport takeovers to social media plans and posts, we told the story of the myriad ways the technology behind the Games supported athletes and infrastructure alike.

Brand Campaign: Austin Bergstrom Airport Takeover

Competing with guitars and live music in an airport with an enterprise-level IT brand message was no easy feat. The team's goal with the Better Way campaign was to connect Dell's solutions with the company's hometown, while telling a story with quantifiable proof-points as the hero.


Modern Merfolk

Full of passion and serious about helping others, this vegan blogger needed a defined brand voice and some help up-leveling her message across the site.



Pay Her Forward

Pay Her Forward founder Margie Becker needed a strategic sounding board and someone to help her build consistent, clear messaging for her growing online network of women-owned businesses. I was happy to join forces with her to support this fierce goal. I am proud of the 600% increase in social media reach I was able to get for her in just a couple of weeks, by sharing the stories of some incredible women already listing their businesses on the site.

Adventure Assist

The team behind this funky, functional travel journal needed their burgeoning brand's personality to come across stronger through a more consistent voice, and an eye on the usability of the pages.

La Luna Tide

Megan Lavorato is a badass who took control of her life post-Lyme Disease diagnosis by creating whole-leaf teas from scratch that would support her hormonal tides through each day of her cycle. When she wanted to take the teas to market, she tapped me to join the team of women who are helping her spread the word. I’m writing regular blogs, designing and sending regular email newsletters, and providing content strategy as we build the brand. I’m working to define the La Luna Tide brand voice as integral to Megan’s own, but with it’s own twist, as well as helping create a system for the visual elements, logo parts and colors.



I've written for a variety of publications, though my favorite pieces remain those that provided the opportunity for me to paint a picture with words, of an experience of a place, a meal...

The below samples are from L Style G Style Magazine, out of Austin, TX.