I write for a number of tourism clients for Austin-based digital agency Orange142. Here’s a selection of those published blogs:

A Weekend Getaway to Ft. Collins

A Weekend Inspired by Royalty In Wilmington

Stay in Wilmington This Spring

Megan Lavorato is a badass who took control of her life post-Lyme Disease diagnosis by creating whole-leaf teas from scratch that would support her hormonal tides through each day of her cycle. When she wanted to take the teas to market, she tapped me to join the team of women who are helping her spread the word. I’m writing regular blogs, designing and writing custom email automations, and providing content strategy as we build the brand. I’m working to define the La Luna Tide brand voice as integral to Megan’s own, but with it’s own twist, as well as helping create a system for the visual elements, logo parts and colors.

A Deep-dive into Our Anti-Anxiety Ingredients

Why Track Your Cycle With Tea?

Know Your Phases. Enliven Your Life. All Month Long.

The Credit Union of Texas prides itself on providing a slew of resources for their customers. They strive to support financial well-being for every stage of life. I’ve written dozens of blogs for them, so here’s a sample:

Stay Financially Fit While Raising a Child

Childcare Costs How Much?

How To Budget for Vacation

How to Pay For Your Dream Wedding (Without Starting Married Life In Debt)

Easy Home Improvement To-dos Before You Move In