Pay Her Forward : Facebook Posts

Pay Her Forward founder Margie Becker needed a strategic sounding board and someone to help her build consistent, clear messaging for her growing online network of women-owned businesses. I was happy to join forces with her to support this fierce goal. I am proud of the 600% increase in social media reach I was able to get for her in just a couple of weeks, by sharing the stories of some incredible women already listing their businesses on the site.

Ready Go Swim : Instagram Posts

When long-time client (and my girls’ swim coach!) needed some fresh social media content, I knew just what to do. I created a customer questionnaire designed to get quotable, specific testimonials. The response was huge—over 80% of those who received the email responded within a week. I was then able to use the stories in Ready Go Swim’s bi-monthly newsletter, and to create a months-long social campaign (Instagram and Facebook). The campaign’s goals are to encourage social sharing and engagement, and foster a sense of community among current and future swim families.